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soil conservation

  • Record setting drought in the Texas Panhandle is creating challenges for farmers and ranchers there, grain like rice, corn, and wheat are supplying over 50% of the food calories consumed globally, cyber crime is a very real concern for U.S. agriculture, and the USDA reports that $100 million of farm income is lost annually in the U.S. due to soil erosion.
  • The Southwest is seeing an easing of drought conditions but parts of the country are still dry, farmers taking irrigation water from the Ogallala Aquifer may need a different approach, how the 1930s Dust Bowl affected soil conservation, and a look at the downside of avocado production.
  • A new driver-optional electric tractor company has started production, a report from the USDA shows that use of conservation tillage significantly reduces farm fuel consumption, Argentine farmers and stockmen are also suffering from La Niña weather, and foreign ownership of U.S. farmland continues to be a concern.
  • The soil health is one of the most important issues that farmers and ranchers face today as they are called upon to feed a growing population in the…
  • We often only consider soil health when we talk about growing food, but some scientists believe that healthy soils are also required to tie up CO2, which…
  • During the February 2nd Ag Markets & More report, Jeff and Bob discussed the environmental concerns associated with the loss of grasslands in the Great…