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U.S. Farm economy

  • Trump administration tariffs result in billions paid to U.S. agricultural producers, meat costs fall while overall food costs are rising, the Colorado State University Extension is offering webinars on gardening, and a look at local precipitation in 2021.
  • Drought dominates agricultural conversations in 2021, farm income is expected to be $22 billion more in 2022 than it was in 2020, and an innovation in Iowa is using livestock manure and chopped corn stalks to convert the corn residue into biomethane gas for energy.
  • Americans are eating at home more through the pandemic, why higher land prices concern farmers, and why a new Green Revolution based on soil resilience is important right now.
  • Wheat futures prices rise to their highest level in nine years, a survey of rural bank CEOs yields interesting results, and Bob's annual look at the price of a typical Thanksgiving meal.
  • Food prices, especially meat, are on the rise. Farmers are feeling the economic squeeze of higher input costs. And a couple weed species are starting to become immune to popular herbicides.
  • Farmers and farm commodity organizations are concerned that NAFTA negotiations aren't considering the importance that trade with Canada and Mexico has for…