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Utah Government

  • A state commission in Utah will now determine sport participation for transgender athletes on a case-by-case basis after a judge paused the state’s ban on transgender girls competing in girl’s school sports.
  • The non-violent crime records of more than a million Coloradans will soon be sealed thanks to a new law Governor Jared Polis signed this week. And two Utah families are challenging the recent state bill that bars trans girls from competing in school sports.
  • After last week’s mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, one Utah lawmaker wants to introduce what he calls modest gun reform.
  • Colorado lawmakers have unveiled a bill to make large manufacturers pay for a new statewide recycling program. Utah is joining 20 other states in suing to end the federal transportation mask mandate.
  • The Colorado House has passed a $36 billion budget for next year, but no Republicans are supporting it. Utah’s new law banning transgender girls from competing in girls school sports has led to speculation about losing out on economic opportunities.
  • Utah Governor Spencer Cox vetoed a bill last week that bans transgender girls from competing in girls sports, but state lawmakers voted to override that veto on Friday.
  • The Utah Legislature passed a lengthy election security bill last week.
  • A new report from the United Nations’ panel on climate change lays out a grim picture of the future that includes more shortages for the already-dry Colorado River basin. A republican bill in Utah banning pornographic materials in schools passed the state’s House on Tuesday. And, the Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 School Board appointed Harry Tom Burrus as the district’s interim superintendent.
  • One lawmaker in Utah’s House of Representatives has brought back legislation that would require Utahns to undergo expanded background checks for firearms transfers, but it failed to pass out of committee.
  • A new bill in the Utah Legislature is sparking fears of voter suppression.