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Farmers across a broad spectrum of the agriculture industry are embracing the “healthy soil” movement.

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Agricultural workers have a higher suicide rate than those in any other occupation.

21st Century Ag Meets the Monarchs

Apr 17, 2018
US Fish and Wildlife Service

An article in the Michigan Farm News about the dramatic decline of Eastern Monarch butterflies in the U.S. got my attention recently. 

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On this episode of the Big Fat Farm Show, KSJD's Kellie Pettyjohn speaks to Mike Nolan, president of the Four Corners Farmers and Ranchers coalition, about the aging face of agriculture and their plans for community outreach.

If Colorado irrigation water law has you confused, you’re likely not alone-- it can be incredibly complex.  On this episode of the Big Fat Farm Show, KSJD’s Kellie Pettyjohn will help you work through it.