Cranberry Production Calls for Unique Practices

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Cranberries are a Thanksgiving tradition, that are only grown in a few states, using some interesting production methods.

Locally Sourced Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Thanksgiving dinner is good, locally sources dinner is even better.

WHO Calls for Halt on Antibiotic Use in Healthy Animals

Nov 16, 2017
Jeff Vangua / U.S.D.A. NRCS

A common practice in confined livestock operations, is to feed low levels of antibiotics to improve rate of gain and to keep them healthy.  Recently, the World Health Organization has called for farmers to stop this practice because of the possible link to an increase in antibiotic resistant organisms that can make treatment for many human diseases more difficult.

Austin Cope / KSJD

An existing advisory committee for the Colorado State University Extension Office in Montezuma County has a new makeup.

Austin Cope

In October, the Montezuma County Commissioners voted to defund the Colorado State University Agricultural Extension office.