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Conserving America’s most precious public lands. It’s the founding duty of the National Park Service. But what does conservation mean with accelerating climate change?

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ExxonMobil shareholders have elected two board members backed by activist investors. We discuss the new chapter in the battle to make energy companies face the threat of climate change — and to change themselves.  


Andrew Logan, senior director of oil and gas at the non-profit Ceres, which works with the private sector to address environmental and sustainability issues. (@ALoganCeres)

Jennifer Montano watches her two kids' faces as they quietly clamber out of the car in their driveway in Vacaville, Calif. It's been a week since the children were last home, but where their house once stood, there's ash and rubble now.

In August, the Montanos' house was destroyed by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire, one of more than 10,000 structures lost in record-breaking blazes across the West this year.

Ariel Kinzinger had a headache. Clark Brinkman coughed and wheezed. LaNesha Collins, feeling physically fine, was frustrated by another day mostly trapped inside looking out at a sepia sun, in Portland, Ore.

"I've never been in the thick of smoke like this," said Collins, an Oregonian like the others. "It's insane."

KSJD Local Newscast - October 8, 2020

Oct 8, 2020