KSJD Local Newscast - Jan. 16, 2020

Jan 16, 2020

New Mexico has announced a plan to make public college and university free for all residents in the state, a proposal considered one of the most ambitious attempts to make higher education more accessible.

In Kentucky, running away from home or constantly skipping school could get a kid locked up in a juvenile hall for days. Those acts, called status offenses, aren't serious crimes, but for years Kentucky and other states treated them as though they were.

That first brush with the juvenile justice system can often lead to more trouble if authorities focus on punishment, not the underlying reasons for the bad behavior.

But there's growing evidence that the tough approach doesn't work. Kentucky has joined many other states that are trying something different.

Southwest Open School Student Stories

Apr 25, 2019

Everyone has a story that defines them, and by telling our stories we allow others to understand us better. Students at Southwest Open School looked into their unique experiences and produced the following stories of personal growth and change as part of their 2019 Radio Class. Listen deeply, and enjoy!

The current wave of teacher walkouts started a year ago this week, when educators across West Virginia were out of the classroom for nine days. The movement spread to five more states before the school year was over.