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Austin Cope

The Southwest Farm Fresh Co-op and the Good Samaritan Center got a green light Tuesday night from the Cortez City Council to operate a center that will store, sell, and distribute locally produced foods.

Courtesy of Michele Morris

KSJD's Austin Cope spoke with Michele Morris, cooking teacher, blogger, and author of several cookbooks, including Taste of Colorado. She spoke about her background in cooking and writing, her interest in local foods, and an idea for a winter recipe. Click below to listen.

kaythaney / Creative Commons

The Cortez City Council on Tuesday unanimously expressed support for a local organization that wants to create an “urban farm” in the city.

Locally Sourced Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Thanksgiving dinner is good, locally sources dinner is even better.

Impediments for Small Scale Livestock Production

Jun 13, 2017

Small-scale livestock production is a good fit for many farms in the Four Corners Region, because small farms often have land that is best suited for grazing, rather than raising high value crops.  When the demand for meat from  heritage breed animals is added to the equation, it makes sense for small farmers to add livestock to their operations.  However, in order to benefit from higher prices that direct sales of meat to consumers and restaurants brings, producers must have their animals slaughtered at facilities that provide state or federal inspection.