Montezuma County Commission

Colorado House Passes HB 1177 "Red Flag" Bill

Mar 5, 2019
Kaleb Fulgham / Creative Commons

The Colorado House passed the controversial “red-flag” bill on Monday, and now goes to the Senate. House Bill 1177 would allow law enforcement or family members to claim someone a threat to themselves or others and get a court order to have that person’s firearms seized for up to 364 days.

Austin Cope / KSJD

The Montezuma County commissioners on Monday denied a request to replace an employee in the treasurer’s office.

Montezuma County

The Montezuma County commissioners agreed Monday to designate May 12th as a free day for all individual county residents at the landfill. However, in a change from past years, they will not allow Cortez trash trucks in for free.

Austin Cope

A local citizen and candidate for the Montezuma County commission urged the present commissioners on Monday to develop an ethics policy.

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Does the city of Cortez have a high sales-tax rate? That question has come up following a remark made by Montezuma County Commissioner James Lambert. In a recent interview with KSJD’s Austin Cope, Lambert said he’d heard that Cortez has the second-highest sales-tax rate in Colorado. It turns out that isn’t true, but earlier corrections we posted on the KSJD web site also contained some inaccuracies.