National Parks

Conserving America’s most precious public lands. It’s the founding duty of the National Park Service. But what does conservation mean with accelerating climate change?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic apparently coming to a close, many Americans are preparing for a no-holds-barred summer filled with many activities that the coronavirus has outlawed for more than a year. Here are some tips from the National Park Service to help visitors make the most their trip.

Plan Your Visit

Courtesy of Kevin Grange

Kevin Grange has dealt with almost every emergency situation imaginable in his years working as a paramedic in Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Grange recently released a new memoir called “Wild Rescues.” He joined Will Walkey from KHOL in Jackson, WY, to discuss the challenges of emergency care in the backcountry and the mental health toll of being a paramedic. As a warning, this interview includes discussion of suicide.



Ken Lund

Will there be a Donald J. Trump National Parks Highway in southern Utah?