Author Craig Childs Returns To "House of Rain"

Feb 19, 2021

Craig Childs is a river guide, adventurer, and the author of more than a dozen books on nature and science, including The Secret Knowledge of Water, Atlas of a Lost World, and House of Rain. Crow Canyon Archaeological Center will host Childs for "Return to House of Rain with Craig Childs" a two-part virtual event on February 25th and March 4th where he will discuss the ancient landscapes of the Four Corners region and ways of seeing and understanding settlement, migration, warfare, and community long before the colonial era. KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Childs about the Crow Canyon events, the importance of being in nature during a pandemic, and the projects and adventures he has planned for the future.

Research Project Aims To Understand Fate of Rosy Finch

Apr 20, 2018
Katie Klingsporn / KOTO

The Brown-capped Rosy-Finch is a small passerine bird of the Rocky Mountain West known for its dusky pink plumage. But don’t let the delicate hue fool you.

Tom Vaughn

Retired newspaper editor and former National Park Service ranger Tom Vaughn took the above photo of a praying mantis eating a hummingbird at his home north of Mancos about 10 years ago, and posted to the online photo-sharing site Flickr. Years later, the photo is now being featured in a scientific journal article about praying mantis predation of hummingbirds, and since has gone viral on Facebook. Mr.

Nate Grigg / Creative Commons

Summer is gnat season in many parts of the country, including in the Four Corners. KSJD’s Austin Cope sat down with Sierra Coon, Chief of Interpretation at Hovenweep National Monument, to learn about  where gnats live, how they are different than other insects, and how to repel them.