San Juan County

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Zak Podmore says much of his reporting comes from a deep love for traveling rivers.


“When you’ve run a river through a new landscape, you definitely connect with it in a really unique way,” Podmore says. “Something that I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time is going past the typical places where people take out.”

Daniel Rayzel

The San Juan County Commission tabled a resolution Tuesday that would authorize a lawsuit against the county attorney.


The resolution states attorney Kendall Laws has not followed directives from the county, citing recently passed pro-Bears Ears National Monument resolutions. The commission voted in February to withdraw from a lawsuit intervening on behalf of the Trump administration, in which Laws said the commission’s conflicts of interest need to be reviewed before taking action.

San Juan County Passes Resolutions Favoring Bears Ears

Feb 20, 2019
Daniel Rayzel

The San Juan County Commission passed two resolutions in favor of Bears Ears National Monument, the latest sign of a historic shift of power in the county. 

As Raptors Begin to Nest, BLM Asks to Give Birds Space

Feb 15, 2019
Tom Becker/Courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

Eagles, falcons and other birds make southeast Utah their summer home as they raise young. 

Daniel Rayzel

A resolution being considered by San Juan County commissioners would reverse its stance on protections for Bears Ears National Monument.