Tribal Communities

Fourteen American bison headed to their new homes on native land this month. Indigenous tribes received the bison from Denver Parks and Recreation as a form of reparations, the first gift in a 10-year ordinance to donate surplus bison that will also go toward tribal conservation efforts.

The bison came from the department's two conservation herds that descended from a handful of historic Yellowstone bison. Denver typically auctions off its surplus bison to avoid overgrazing, but there was still an excess after this year's auction in March.

Kendal Blust/KJZZ

In Sonora, Mexico, which borders much of the Southwest United States, members of the indigenous Comcaac Nation have long struggled for access to clean water. They recently walked miles to a sacred site for their people to demand the mexican government provide them with basic services. From the Fronteras Desk in the Sonoran capital of Hermosillo, KJZZ’s Kendal Blust joined the trek.