Daniel Rayzel

An ongoing drought in the Four Corners is placing further stress on farmers bringing their local produce to market. Seeking an opportunity to collaborate, some farmers are placing a collective risk in a cooperative working to expand the reach of their products.

Courtesy of Parker Pastures

Livestock operations contribute a significant percentage of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The beef industry, which takes more water and land than other kinds of meat production, is often seen as a major problem.


A local student activist group in Telluride has led the charge in making the switch from plastic cutlery to silverware in the cafeteria. 

Chris Marcinek

In the wake of Tri-State’s announcement that it will shut down the Nucla power plant by the end of 2022, the West End of Montrose County focuses on developing new and existing industries to boost its already-flagging economy. 

Daniel Rayzel

In sunny southwest Colorado, the potential for solar energy is inviting to homeowners looking for long-term savings.