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We ask for this information so that we can contact you with questions about the event, if necessary. We will not display any of your information on our site.

Click HERE to read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before you submit your event

KSJD provides an on-air/online Community Calendar of events and public service announcements as a service to the community, but there are strict KSJD policies and FCC regulations on what can and cannot be included on the calendar. If you have an upcoming event or public service announcement (PSA) that you would like to have announced on air and posted on the KSJD website, please review our policy below BEFORE submitting your event or PSA.

KSJD does NOT accept event submissions from for-profit organizations unless they are for live music, theater, or other public performances.

KSJD will also not publicize ongoing events that require payment.

When submitting events:

-An "event" is a ONE-TIME event, not an on-going series.
-The "Event Description" field may include ONLY who sponsors the event, a VERY brief description of what the event includes, when it is, and where it is. Extraneous information will be removed as this field is what KSJD DJs and staff use to make community calendar on-air announcements. Any price information (even "free") is not allowed to be announced on the air.
-Events MUST be submitted at least TWO weeks prior to event date. Events submitted less than two weeks in advance are not guaranteed to be approved.
-Select the proper category or categories for the event.
-Include your contact information
-Fill out all other information as completely as possible.

When submitting Public Service Announcements:

-Public Service Announcements are free, ongoing meetings, classes, or workshops that offer a clear and specific SERVICE to the public.
-Please list times and days of the week that your public services are held in the "Event Description" field.
-Announcements endorsing a political candidate, issue, or ideology will not be approved.
-Any announcements directly soliciting donations (monetary or otherwise) for an organization will not be approved.
-Dates and times may be adjusted on some ongoing events to ensure a proper layout on the calendar page.

We strongly suggest you review the events and PSAs already listed on KSJD's community calendar to see how approved submissions look, and fill out your calendar submission accordingly

All submissions will be reviewed and edited by KSJD before appearing on the site or being announced on the air.

KSJD reserves the right to edit or refuse any submissions, and is under no obligation to broadcast any information. KSJD does not take responsibility for inaccurate or incomplete information.

For detailed, targeted marketing of your event(s) or business on KSJD, please contact Robert Dobry, KSJD's Director of Corporate Support, to find out about paid on-air messaging: (970) 564-9727 x14 or

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