Liz Perry and Sarah Payne of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center join KSJD's Tom Yoder during the Fall Harvest Drive to talk about Crow Canyon's origins, their educational programs, and how they contribute to archaeological research in the Four Corners area and beyond.

The Thomas Jefferson Hour airs on KSJD on Sunday mornings at 11:00, bringing thought-provoking discussions about how the writings and actions of the 3rd president of the United States remain relevant to society and politics even today. KSJD's Tom Yoder caught up with the host of the show, Clay Jenkinson, to talk about how he got started portraying Thomas Jefferson, to get Jefferson's thoughts on the importance of the First Amendment, and why it's critical to support community radio.

Nicci Crowley of the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center talks with KSJD's Tom Yoder during the Fall Harvest Drive about what services the center provides, new programs that will help address issues youth are facing, and their upcoming office move.

KSJD's DJ Mike talks with singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix about her Project 5 series, the Own Your Own Universe music education project she is involved with, and her latest album "Talk To A Human".

Anne Beach of the Mancos Creative District joins KSJD's Wynn Jones during the Fall Harvest Drive to discuss the arts in Mancos and how the district is supporting artists in the area.