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Towaoc Firefighter Climbs Cotopaxi for Prosthetic Fundraiser

Courtesy of Jeff Bryan
Jeff Bryan, center, pictured with four Ecuadorian athletes prior to September’s Cotopaxi summit.";

The Range of Motion Project is on a mission to provide prosthetics to amputees across the globe. 

One of their awareness and fundraising initiatives was selecting a group of amputees for a climb up Cotopaxi, a 19,000-foot volcano in Ecuador. Towaoc firefighter Jeff Bryan was part of the team that made the summit in September — a feat that reinforces his belief in the capability of amputees with a proper prosthesis.


“We can lead a life just like anybody else,” Bryan said. “We can do anything anybody else can do.”


Bryan joined KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel to recount what joining the team and climbing Cotopaxi meant to him.