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I was raised in a house with no television. When my parents would tell my brothers & I to go entertain ourselves, they meant read a book, listen to some music or get outside. A good portion of my childhood was spent in front of a huge bookcase stacked with records, listening to Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Beatles, Pink Floyd while perusing album covers, riveted by the imagery.

Fast forward to my teenage/young adult life, and by the time I started working at The Warfield music venue located in San Francisco, I had already attended over 300 concerts... 2002 was the year I began my music industry career in SF and I worked for almost 20 years at The Fillmore, Warfield, Regency, The Greek theater (Berkeley), Paramount & Fox Theater (Oakland) and numerous music festivals in the Bay Area.

At this point, I have seen more shows than I can count, and will continue to see live music for as long as humanly possible.

Music is my drug of choice and I will always find creative ways to get my fix.