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Honest John

We don't know much about Honest John, but we did find this note in the studio after his first show:

"I am not a volunteer! I repeat, I am not a volunteer!  I was snatched off Main street and I am being held in a small room with strange equipment loaded with buttons, monitors and something I am told are called "microphones".  My name is John Fleitz, I was born in NY, but lived most my life in Phoenix.  Moved to Mancos in 2001 with my wife and 2 young sons to live a simple life in a small town where our boys could be raised in a nurturing, rural environment.  One night I was passing a building on the N/E corner of Market and Main in when a large Hook, like the ones used to pull a bad act off stage in a cartoon, came from nowhere and yanked me into the building.  I was told I would have to work 2 hours a week if I ever wanted to taste freedom again.  2 HOURS A WEEK!!! I will never make it.  I asked what I would be doing and they said I was going to be a DJ??  I said, what is that?  They said, don't worry kid, your gonna love it. So now I am a Daytime Collective DJ.  I have decided I will become the best DJ I can be!"