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Fieldwork: Misadventures at the Edge of Science

Stories from biologists, archaeologists, geologists, and other “ologists” who do fieldwork where there are sometimes no roads, no shelter, and no backup.

Latest Episodes
  • Shanna describes her harrowing escape from Egypt as law and order are upended at the start of the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.
  • Tyson describes an archaeological survey in the forests of Idaho that changed him forever.
  • Nathan takes us to the inter-coastal waters of Florida for fish surveys, the sage brush of southern Utah where prairie dogs roam, and into the dangers of the Little Colorado River canyon.
  • Kelly shares several "field funnies" from her 30-year archaeological career in the Four Corners area.
  • Chris describes the perils of doing archaeological survey near Area 51 in Nevada, and in the snake-infested jungles of Louisiana.
  • Jonathan shares his tales of danger while doing archaeological survey along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.