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Scottish Proverbs -

A gangin fit will ay get something, gin it's naethin, but a thorn or a broken tae. There's naefule like an auld fule. The deil'sbairnshae ay deil's luck. Keep your ain fish guts ta your ain sea maws. Better a toom house than an ill tenant. Wha teaches himself hes a fule for a maister. Ye'renae chicken for a' your cheepin'. Better be quiet than sing a bad sang. A black ewe may have a white lamb. He who waits long at the ferry will get across sometime. Playing with a pup will end in a howl. If ye canna bite dinna show your teeth. The deaf man will ay hear the clink o' money. Better a good wife than plough and land. Put silk on a stick, and it will look fine. The highets mountain in the land is oftenest covered with mist. Better be dead than be a fat slave. The clan is stronger than the chief. A spark has often kindled a big fire. Gentility will never boil the pot. There's no much guile in the heart that's ay singing.

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