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Stuck in the Psychedelic Era
Fridays from 8-10pm

With an ever-shifting balance of familiar favorites, forgotten hits and obscure B sides and album tracks (and an occasional jazz or R&B track thrown in to spice up the mix), Stuck in the Psychedelic Era is literally a throwback to the days of "underground" radio. There are no pre-recorded jingles or promotional spots; just two hours of music, punctuated by occasional commentary by the Hermit, whose own radio career began on a small closed circuit station in the early 70s.

Much of the music is taken directly from vintage vinyl, scratches and all. The rest comes from Compact Disc compilations and re-issues of original albums, all taken from the Hermit's personal collection. Commentary is centered on the music itself: artist histories, contextual information, anecdotes, personal memories and occasional forays into how the music of the psychedelic era relates to today's world.

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