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affordable housing

  • In a meeting on Tuesday night, the Cortez City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to authorize a lease of the city’s fiber optic communications network to Vero Broadband, LLC. And a new bill at the State Capitol would make it easier for local governments to turn existing properties into affordable housing.
  • The Dolores Affordable Housing Task Force moved forward with plans to build residences on two pieces of town-owned land Tuesday night. And Colorado lawmakers want to lower the disability requirements veterans need to receive property tax exemptions.
  • The Mancos Common Press, in collaboration with the town of Mancos, plans to build housing units to help fight the town’s affordable housing crisis.
  • Federal officials aren’t ready to give states along the Colorado River a new deadline for water conservation goals. And an initiative that would create a state affordable housing fund in Colorado will be on the ballot in November.
  • Colorado lawmakers have passed a bill they say includes the most money they have ever spent on affordable housing projects. And they have rejected an effort to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis says a package of bills advancing at the state house this week will generate hundreds of thousands of new affordable housing units. And Colorado lawmakers are advancing a bill to make sure wildfire survivors get compensated for their property losses more quickly.
  • More mountain towns in Colorado are taking action to try and free up housing for local workers; the state of Utah added nearly 60 thousand people to its population from July 2020 to July of this year, according to estimates released this week by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.
  • The overwhelming consensus of the 16-member group is to spend $300 million on grants to help cities and towns facilitate affordable housing projects, as well as a revolving loan fund that developers could use to build units more quickly.
  • A task force at the Colorado state Capitol has approved a plan to spend four hundred million dollars of coronavirus relief money on affordable housing projects; The City of Cortez is seeking input from the public on the candidates for Parks and Recreation Director and Public Works Director at two open house events this week.
  • When a trailer park housing low-income residents went up for sale in downtown Moab, Utah, local elected officials worried it would get bulldozed for a new hotel. So, the city bought it. For Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Molly Marcello reports on Moab’s ongoing plans to safeguard workforce housing and develop affordable apartments on the site.