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As Raptors Begin to Nest, BLM Asks to Give Birds Space

Tom Becker/Courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management
A peregrine falcon.

Eagles, falcons and other birds make southeast Utah their summer home as they raise young. 

In an effort to leave young birds undisturbed, the Bureau of Land Management Canyon Country District is asking visitors to avoid nesting sites.


From March 1 to late July, hikers and climbers are asked to avoid several walls in the Indian Creek area. The walls, which can also be seen on this map, include the following: Reservoir Wall, Slug Wall, Cat Wall, Broken Tooth, The Fin, Disappointment Cliff, Second Meat Wall, Far Side and The Wall.


Biologists will survey nests in March and determine what walls are okay to climb by late April or early May. Additionally, the BLM will update the public of changes in restrictions as biologists monitor nests throughout the summer.


Migrating raptors also offer a unique opportunity for birdwatchers to spot falcons and eagles among Utah’s canyon country. Birds of prey, like the peregrine falcon, have seen population recovery in recent years. The BLM attributes this in part to its nesting protection initiatives.