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Documentary on Families Fighting for Transgender Rights Comes to Sunflower Theatre

Courtesy of Marymoor Productions

In 2016, “bathroom bills” picked up in state legislatures across the United States, prompting clashes and community dialogue about transgender rights in communities big and small.


Director Vlada Knowlton moved to capture the moment in “The Most Dangerous Year,” a documentary focused around families of transgender youth in Washington state.

The film comes to the Sunflower Theatre on Friday, Sept. 27.


Aidan Key is the executive director of Gender Diversity, a Seattle-based organization that provides resources to families with transgender and gender diverse kids. His work is followed in the documentary as he encourages dialogue around rights for transgender youth in a conservative school district.


Following the documentary’s screening, Key will be joined by Kristin Wilson-Key, also of Gender Diversity, for a discussion.


Aidan Key spoke with KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel on Morning Edition about the documentary’s inception and how he starts a dialogue for transgender rights in conservative communities.


See “The Most Dangerous Year” at the Sunflower Theatre in downtown Cortez at 7 p.m. Friday, September 27. Visit for more information.