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Danny Brown Finds Peace On 'Best Life'

In a hip-hop landscape where celebrity is suffocating and fan bases are becoming pressure cookers, it is reassuring that Danny Brown has somehow found peace.

"'Cause ain't no next life, so right now I'm tryna live my best life" Danny rhymes on the chorus of his latest single, "Best Life."

Now over 10 years into his career, the MC's no longer the wild-haired, high-pitched rapper of old. Here, he coolly tiptoes around Q-Tip's soul-soaked beat, reminiscing on his early drug-peddling days in Detroit ("Come from the sewer where hot dogs got boiled") and finding solace in his success ("Bought myself a new spot and I never got lonely.")

Following "Dirty Laundry," "Best Life" marks the second single off the rapper's upcoming album, uknowhatimsayin¿, which is slated to feature additional production from Thundercat, Paul White and Standing on the Corner and genre-jumping features ranging from Run The Jewels to Blood Orange.

uknowhatimsayin¿ is due out Oct. 4 via Warp Records.

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Mano Sundaresan is a producer at NPR.