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Alt.Latino Playlist: Bronx Urbano, Spanish Swing And Brazilian Psych-Rock

Jenny and the Mexicats are featured in a feast of new music this week.
Courtesy of the artist
Jenny and the Mexicats are featured in a feast of new music this week.

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It's hard to imagine having a wider swath of Latin music expression as we have this week: OG Latino hip-hop artist Fat Joe teams with a rapper of the moment, a multicultural band plays Spanish swing and members of two Brazilian psych-rock bands unite. If you served drinks in this imaginary get-together ,it would be an excellent party.

Fat Joe, Cardi B & Anuel AA, "YES"

There's three generations of the Bronx on the latest track off Fat Joe's upcoming album Family Ties: from the sample of Hector Lavoe's "Aguanile" to Cardi B's shoutout to the 5-9 Brims gang. With Anuel AA, the three are an unlikely family. Tied by "Aguanile," the three make sense together, especially from a car stereo with the windows rolled down as the summer starts to cool off. — Stefanie Fernández

Jenny and the Mexicats, "Bailando Con las Farolas"

A new single from Jenny and the Mexicats is always a reason to yell, "Yay!!" Especially when it features Spanish vocalist El Kanka. "Bailando Con Ls Farolas" will appear on Fiesta Ancestral, continuing the band's creative streak with music that entertains even as it innovates. — Felix Contreras

Melii, "No Hard Feelings"

Back in March, Harlem Dominican rapper Melii released her first project phAses, and now, she's already gearing up to release a follow-up EP. "No Hard Feelings" shows a grittier Melii with the same sober honesty, this time on the decline of a toxic romance. Yet Melii treats even this difficult subject with a light touch, explaining on Instagram: "I freestyled to this track same day I cut 'anime girls' in Miami while [my makeup artist] handed me henny and joints [laugh-crying emoji]." — Stefanie Fernández

Guaxe, "Desafio do Guaxe"

Formed out of two Brazilian psych-rock bands, Guaxe is the newest project from Dino Almeida of Boogarins and Pedro Bonifrate of Supercordas. Named after a high-flying forest bird that sings synth-like sounds, the group, its self-titled album, and its lead single all seek to mimic the strangeness and beauty of the guaxe with 4-track machines, ambient rainforest sounds, and looped and reversed guitars. All together, Guaxe sounds like the moment you hit water after a jump when time slows, submerged. — Stefanie Fernández

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Felix Contreras is co-creator and host of Alt.Latino, NPR's pioneering radio show and podcast celebrating Latin music and culture since 2010.