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Mancos Running for Colorado Arts Designations

The town of Mancos may see an influx of grant money and state support for the arts if selected for two artistic development initiatives.

Mancos town administrator Andrea Phillips says that the town hopes to be formalized as a Colorado Creative District. The Colorado Creative District program was created in 2011 as a consortium of state agencies, nonprofits, and private foundations that aims to attract artists and entrepreneurs to communities in order to improve their economies and cultural identities. The town of Mancos formed its own creative district in 2014 and is now competing against seven other towns in Colorado to achieve a state designation. Phillips said that an official designation would bring about $20,000 in grant money and support for the arts.

The town has also applied for support from Space to Create, another initiative through the State of Colorado that helps create affordable housing and workspace for artists. Phillips says that Space to Create has narrowed down their list of rural candidates to Mancos and Ridgway.  It would work with the winner to determine where and how to develop affordable housing for artists.

Phillips says town officials hope to hear whether they’ve been selected for both applications in mid- to late June.

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