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This weekend is your last chance to see the brightest comet of the year, ever.

 Comet Leonard
Michael Jäger
A photo of Comet Leonard.

The brightest comet of the year will be visible this weekend before it shoots out of our solar system forever.

This weekend is the best time to see, the once and a lifetime, Comet Leonard with binoculars or amateur telescopes. The comet was discovered by Gregory Leonard.

"For me, it’s like hitting the comet jackpot," says Leonard.

Leonard is a NASA astronomer at the University of Arizona. And what makes this comet special is its orbit close to Earth and the Sun – making it the brightest comet of the year.

Gregory Leonard at Arizona Station
Gregory Leonard
Comet founder Gregory Leonard at the Catalina Sky Survey Observation Station in Arizona.

Leonard spotted the comet earlier this year and says it will never return to Earth's neighborhood … ever.

You’ll be able to see Comet Leonard sore under the planet Venus – which is the first bright dot to appear South-Southwest in the sky while the sun is setting. And lucky for us in the Four Corners region, we don’t have to worry about city lights blocking our view. But like many comets, Leonard won’t be so easy to catch.

"A wise and famous comet Hunter and discoverer once said, comets are like cats both have tails and both do precisely what they want," says Leonard.

So, make sure to have your handy telescope or binoculars nearby this weekend. It’s predicted to be best viewed a half hour after sunset.

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