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avian flu

  • Highly pathogenic avian influenza continues to affect poultry in the U.S., farmers, agriculture groups, and climate advocates ask Congress to do more to address climate change in the next farm bill, Brazil is set to export more corn than the United States in 2023, and ag products with labels stating “Product of the USA", are often misleading.
  • Russa-Ukraine conflict may have long term consequences for agricultural production in the country, highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds could spread to chickens, and more precipitation may not be a good thing for the saguaro cactus in southern Arizona.
  • The USDA projects U.S. agricultural exports will decline while imports will increase, egg prices could fall dramatically this year if avian influenza stays in check, urban and agricultural interests bring up questions about Colorado River Basin water management, and a new USDA report shows that overall farmland is declining across the country while large farm consolidation is on the rise.
  • Low water levels on the Mississippi River continue to be of concern to farmers, water managers in the southwestern U.S. consider the outlook for this winter and next summer, and highly pathogenic avian influenza in turkeys could mean high prices for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • A ride along with combines harvesting corn in the Midwest shows the sophisticated technology and processes farmers are using, and economists are warning consumers that they can expect to pay record high prices for turkey this upcoming holiday season.
  • Damage from Hurricane Ian is expected to affect food prices from Florida crops, the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza is rising again in the West, and despite the rumors, this coming winter is unlikely to bring a lot of moisture.
  • The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality recently granted an aquifer protection permit for a uranium mine near from a tribal community in the Grand Canyon, but the Havasupai Tribe still has concerns about the quality of its water. And avian influenza is suspected in Montezuma County.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a bill to spend one hundred million dollars on programs to reduce homelessness. And avian flu is spreading throughout Utah.
  • Fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to rattle commodity markets, the USDA cuts yield estimates on U.S. corn, avian influenza continues to impact chickens, turkeys, and other birds, Corn Belt agricultural land values are on the rise, the US Climate Prediction Center reports La Nina conditions are likely again this fall and upcoming winter, and the Russian military has stolen farm equipment from Ukraine that may be useless.
  • The dust is starting to settle at the Colorado State Capitol after the legislative session ended late last night. And Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources has confirmed avian flu in a deceased great horned owl.