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Bob Bragg

Bob Bragg

Farm News & Views Host

Bob has been an agricultural educator and farm and ranch management consultant for over 40 years in southwest Colorado. He writes about agricultural issues from his farm near Cortez, and has helped to produce farm reports on KSJD for more than a dozen years.

  • Southwest Colorado has the lowest snowpack in 22 years with about 30% of the normal snow for this time of year, Denver has gone 229 days without measurable snowfall, breaking a record that dates back to 1882, and Christmas tree growers are ready for a big season in 2021.
  • Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act introduced in the Senate to address the lack of competition in the meat packing industry, beekeepers work to control Varroa mites and the diseases they carry, USDA continues to payout millions of dollars to producers who may not have benefited from the initial aid offered following the corona virus pandemic.
  • Wheat futures prices rise to their highest level in nine years, a survey of rural bank CEOs yields interesting results, and Bob's annual look at the price of a typical Thanksgiving meal.
  • Agriculture was a bit of a contentious topic at the recent Glasgow Climate Summit, domestic production of fish could lower carbon footprint for fish consumption, hemp production shifts from CBD oil to the production of fiber for building materials, and Congress looks into the lack of competition in the meat packing industry.
  • Food prices, especially meat, are on the rise. Farmers are feeling the economic squeeze of higher input costs. And a couple weed species are starting to become immune to popular herbicides.
  • How much does animal agriculture contribute to greenhouse gas emissions? Also, fertilizer prices may impact U.S. corn production, and a look at the link between obesity and USDA budgets.
  • Demand for soybean production for biodiesel fuels will likely ramp up in coming years. But where will the cropland come from? And a recent report indicates that the U.S. agricultural economy has generally remained strong as elevated commodity prices continue to support farm incomes.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced that the agency will invest $10 million in a new initiative to sample, measure and monitor soil carbon; solar panel arrays becoming more common in rural areas; October is pumpkin season.
  • Colorado is likely to see a La Niña winter again this year, drought and heat waves have damaged cotton crops across the southern and southwest U.S., and agricultural companies are getting hacked by cyber thieves.
  • Electric farm vehicles may be problematic for farmers, possible collusion among the big four meat packers, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says the USDA will commit to expanding meat and poultry processing.