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cattle markets

  • Controversy over atmospheric methane contribution from cattle continues, consumer groups petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to stop livestock producers from administering antibiotics, beef cattle producers may see rewards from higher prices this year, and while local farmers and ranchers are happy to see the snow, drought remains a big problem overall.
  • Drought continues to challenge farmers and ranchers across the country, hay production in the U.S. may fall to its lowest level in a century, volatility in commodity markets begins to settle, and a new farm business index shows signs for optimism.
  • The latest agriculture news from Bob Bragg.
  • Cattle producers are seeing more favorable prices for their weaned calves this year compared to 2016.
  • While beef cattle sales amount to 37% of the agricultural income in the Four Corners Region, for many ranch families, cattle are their only income. So are…