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farm equipment

  • Farmers in the upper Midwest hit by a solar storm that affected GPS receivers used to plant spring crops, Americans flower-buying habits generate big business, and agriculture is likely to take another direct hit from tariff increases on Chinese imports.
  • A new Farm Bill from Congress seems to still be a long way off, the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair outlines key farm bill programs, the American Farm Bureau Federation wants a new farm bill to address agriculture's labor challenges, John Deere partners with Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide satellite-based high-speed internet for its machines, and drought continues to hamper the number of ships that can traverse the Panama Canal.
  • Foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land has been a popular target for state legislators his year, growing seasons are slowly shifting across the United States, agencies will collaborate to manage the reintroduction of gray wolves on Colorado’s Western Slope, and John Deere moves toward digitizing self-repair for its customers.
  • Data from USDA’s Economic Research Service suggests that net farm income will drop sharply from last year, the Colorado Wolf Restoration Final Plan outlines release locations and constraints, major tractor manufacturers anticipate bringing smaller utility electric tractors to the market, and suggestions for bringing home a pest-free live Christmas tree this year.
  • Colorado passes a right-to-repair agricultural equipment law, how high inflation is affecting farmers and ranchers, and drought conditions continue to expand in the Four Corners Region and beyond.
  • A new Colorado bill could make it easier for farmers to repair their own tractors and other equipment, an explosion and fire at a Texas dairy farm resulted in what may be the largest single-incident livestock death toll in the U.S., and the Secretary of Agriculture Agriculture warns meatpackers and other companies that they need to take steps to ensure that illegal child labor isn't being used in their operations.
  • A look at what farmers may expect for their businesses in the coming year, the John Deere Corporation agrees to terms that would help farmers and independent repair shops to work on newer John Deere equipment, recent snow has bolstered the snowpack in western Colorado but much more is needed.
  • A new driver-optional electric tractor company has started production, a report from the USDA shows that use of conservation tillage significantly reduces farm fuel consumption, Argentine farmers and stockmen are also suffering from La Niña weather, and foreign ownership of U.S. farmland continues to be a concern.
  • Tips on acquiring and keeping your real Christmas tree fresh this year, a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey for farmers, ranchers, and forest managers, and U.S. farm income and ag-related business both increase in 2022.
  • Some farmers are in a bruising battle with John Deere and other tractor makers over what they are allowed to repair on the equipment they own.