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farm equipment

  • A look at what farmers may expect for their businesses in the coming year, the John Deere Corporation agrees to terms that would help farmers and independent repair shops to work on newer John Deere equipment, recent snow has bolstered the snowpack in western Colorado but much more is needed.
  • A new driver-optional electric tractor company has started production, a report from the USDA shows that use of conservation tillage significantly reduces farm fuel consumption, Argentine farmers and stockmen are also suffering from La Niña weather, and foreign ownership of U.S. farmland continues to be a concern.
  • Tips on acquiring and keeping your real Christmas tree fresh this year, a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey for farmers, ranchers, and forest managers, and U.S. farm income and ag-related business both increase in 2022.
  • Some farmers are in a bruising battle with John Deere and other tractor makers over what they are allowed to repair on the equipment they own.