Assessment of Burro Fire Soil Released

Aug 3, 2018

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team finished a study on the severity of soil burned by the Burro Fire, just under two months after it started 14 miles south of Rico.

BAER specialists began their assessment of the Burro Fire on July 20 and met their two-week estimate today. Results break down the severity of damage to unburned, low, moderate and high levels.


The soil is largely unburned or with low-level burns (38 and 45 percent, respectively). The remaining 17 percent has a moderate burn and no areas were classified as high severity.

Credit BAER/San Juan National Forest


A joint release from BAER and San Juan National Forest stated a “minor increase” is expected for erosion and runoff caused by the damage. The release also included an online PDF to help interpret the map of the burn area.


BAER does not work on long-term restoration with the U.S. Forest Service and instead provides the assessment to guide personnel on the areas needing the most attention. Recommendations for stabilization are used to prevent flooding, rock slides and other natural disasters from reaching nearby communities.


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