Opponents Say Amendment 75 Wrong Way To Take On Colorado's Millionaire Candidates

In 2002, voters in Colorado supported sweeping changes to state campaign finance laws. The goal was to rein in the influence of money in elections. The law contained a strong preamble about how large campaign contributions could corrupt politics and give special interests, corporations and the rich disproportionate influence. Then along came the millionaires running for governor, spending millions of their own dollars on their own campaigns.

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He owns a small business that does contract work for some of Colorado’s largest oil and gas companies. She runs a marketing firm from home and lives within a half-mile of three well pads.

She’s voting yes on Proposition 112. He’s voting no.

Wildland Fire Conference Addresses the Human Condition

Oct 17, 2018
Christopher Biddle

Wildfire is an increasing problem for Coloradans. They’re bigger than ever before, lasting longer, and affecting more people.

Key reservoirs along the Colorado River are collectively at their lowest point at the start of a new water year since the last one filled nearly 40 years ago.

Courtesy of Leah Grams Johnson

Singer-songwriter Leah Grams Johnson comes to the Sunflower Theatre Friday to share her contemporary folk and country music with the Four Corners. 

Listen to KSJD's Montezuma County Candidate Forum

Oct 16, 2018
Dan Jenkins

KSJD and the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the final Montezuma County commissioner candidate forum Monday night. 

Second Chance Thrift Store Via Facebook

Charges have been filed against a former executive director of Renew following an investigation by the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office. 

A printing error is keeping some Colorado voters from studying up on statewide ballot items this election season.

The error caused some of the state's voting guides, known as blue books, to be printed without some of the pages.

Courtesy of Mancos DocFest; Photos by Amy Dodson

What does it mean to belong? 

Courtesy of Southwest Farm Fresh Cooperative

What’s it like to manage a farmer cooperative during a drought? 

Colorado once turned to comedy to warn residents about the dangerous mixture of drugs and driving. Early advertisements featured actors who got so high, they were trying to start grills without propane. The ads warned that although grilling while high is not illegal, driving while high is.

But as more drivers under the influence of drugs get into fatal car crashes in Colorado, state officials are hoping a new, more simple advertising campaign will help reduce impaired driving.


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