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Hog Highrises

Agricultural Research Service U.S.D.A.
A sow and her pigs

While U.S. hog producers are facing increasing competition in the world pork trade from the European Union and Canada, China has been a strong market for U. S. pork during most of this decade.  That may change if Chinese pork producer, Guangxi Yangxiang Company is successful in their efforts to ramp up production economically by building high-rise hog barns.  The Company is building four, nine story swine farrowing barns in southeast China.  The lower eight stories will house 7,500 sows in each barn with the top floor used for ventilation equipment.  If this venture is successful, and more of these units are built in the future, U.S. producers may see their exports to China decline.  

We will need to wait and see if these high rise hog havens will be exported to the U.S., thereby adding new meaning to the Environmental Protection Agency's definition of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO).

concentrated animal feeding to further concentrate pork production and add a new .