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  • Tips on acquiring and keeping your real Christmas tree fresh this year, a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey for farmers, ranchers, and forest managers, and U.S. farm income and ag-related business both increase in 2022.
  • A look at the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal, what the FDA's 2023 veterinary antimicrobial stewardship plan will mean for producers, an annual report from the USDA shows changing demographics in rural areas, and farmers and their co-ops are having trouble filling thousands of on-farm jobs across the country.
  • The Trump era trade war impact on the U.S. agricultural economy, what a world population of 8 billion means for food production and distribution, how cattle are being used to create fire breaks to assist in wildfire fighting, and why lettuce growers in the southwest are harvesting lettuce a little early this year.
  • Low water levels on the Mississippi River continue to be of concern to farmers, water managers in the southwestern U.S. consider the outlook for this winter and next summer, and highly pathogenic avian influenza in turkeys could mean high prices for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The 2022-2023 water year seems to be off to a good start, Utah is experiencing exceptional drought conditions, the Interior Department plans to write new rules governing dams along the Colorado River, and cover crops are becoming more popular with farmers.
  • A ride along with combines harvesting corn in the Midwest shows the sophisticated technology and processes farmers are using, and economists are warning consumers that they can expect to pay record high prices for turkey this upcoming holiday season.
  • Drought conditions across the Midwest are impacting cattle and the corn harvest, low water levels in the Mississippi River lock up shipping, a Colorado rancher loses cattle to wolves, and the Montezuma County Extension and Pueblo Community College Southwest will offer a Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination Clinic in early November.
  • Damage from Hurricane Ian is expected to affect food prices from Florida crops, the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza is rising again in the West, and despite the rumors, this coming winter is unlikely to bring a lot of moisture.
  • September 18th to the 24th is National Farm Safety week, the Colorado Water Plan starts to see investment, and how to conduct fall soil sampling.
  • Inflation Reduction Act aims at agricultural practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from crop and livestock production, U.S. farm incomes and exports are expected lower than 2021, and a study shows interesting findings about the effects on overall health of people who eat grapes.