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Crop prices

  • The USDA predicts that food prices will continue to go up with big increases in the price of eggs, China will need 8 million more acres of crop land annually, Maricopa County in Arizona is losing farmland at a faster rate than any other county in the nation due to low density residential development, and the CSU Coperative Extension is hosting an Annie's Project Workshop January 19th to the 21st at the Dolores Community Center.
  • Damage from Hurricane Ian is expected to affect food prices from Florida crops, the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza is rising again in the West, and despite the rumors, this coming winter is unlikely to bring a lot of moisture.
  • As the storms we've seen this spring have passed through the Four Corners Region, they've moved into the Midwest and created slowdowns for farmers…
  • In this edition of Ag Markets & More, Jeff and Bob discuss the fallacy of commodity traders making predictions that grain prices will make a…