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Farm Bill

  • Hay stocks improve across some of the Four Corners states, mental health resources are available for farmers and ranchers who need help, and a new version of the Farm Bill seems destined to fail in Congress.
  • The research into how Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza is being spread to dairy cows shows a link to cats, the House Agriculture Committee Chair indicates that committee members might be close to finalizing a new farm bill, and some online gardening tips for spring planting.
  • Wildfires in the panhandle of Texas and south central Oklahoma could impact beef supply, more concerns about getting a new Farm Bill passed in Congress, the EPA announces a new Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,and cases of canine respiratory disease in Colorado have dropped significantly.
  • Problems with Dicamba herbicide leaves farmers caught in the middle, a new Farm Bill continues to languish in Congress, and a Livestock Workshop Series will offer local producers educational opportunities.
  • A new Farm Bill from Congress seems to still be a long way off, the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair outlines key farm bill programs, the American Farm Bureau Federation wants a new farm bill to address agriculture's labor challenges, John Deere partners with Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide satellite-based high-speed internet for its machines, and drought continues to hamper the number of ships that can traverse the Panama Canal.
  • A cost breakdown of the typical Thanksgiving meal, some tips on buying a turkey, comparing U.S. food prices to other countries, the Senate approves a one-year Farm Bill extension, and a supply chain problem with half-pint cardboard milk cartons.
  • Low Mississippi River and Panama Canal levels continue to impact grain shipments, food-at-home prices are up almost 2.5% compared with last October, and Congress continues to delay a new Farm Bill.
  • A breakdown of the work yet to do for the 2023 Farm Bill, and some potential stumbling blocks that may be in store for the U.S. agricultural economy.
  • Congress won’t pass a new farm bill prior to the expiration of the 2018 Farm Bill on September 30th, the USDA lowers its forecast for total milk production this year by 400 million pounds, and low water levels are affecting ship traffic through the Panama Canal.
  • The complexities of The Farm Bill, low water levels in the Mississippi River once again create concern for agricultural barge traffic, the world’s biggest agribusiness corporations record record profits in the face of widespread food poverty and starvation, and U.S. wheat exports are expected to decrease to levels not seen in over 50 years.