Cortez Farmers Market Opens June 6, With Some Changes For Health Safety

May 8, 2020

Farmers markets are known for being more than a place to buy directly from local vendors. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people, catch up with friends, and hear live music.

This year, concerns about spreading the coronavirus will require markets to cut back on its social aspect. 

“We are basically just going to be an open-air food market,” said Jodie Sutton, co-manager of the Cortez Farmers Market.

Sutton, along with managers across the state, has been receiving guidance from the Colorado Farmers Market Association about changes for the 2020 season. The state has deemed the markets an essential service, provided they can adjust to accommodate health guidelines.

When the Cortez market opens on June 6, a more streamlined shopping experience will be in place to minimize contact while still supporting local vendors. This year, Sutton said, expect a designated entrance and more vendors accepting card payments, all moves to keep customers comfortable in visiting the market.

“They can come to our market and have confidence that we will have a safe environment using safe practices,” Sutton said.

The market is also working on creating a curbside pickup system as some vendors plan to take online preorders.

Hear Sutton’s full interview with KSJD below.