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climate change

  • A powerful winter storm brought snow and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour to the Four Corners region Tuesday night, causing widespread power outages, and in Shiprock, schools in the Central Consolidated School District were closed Wednesday; The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has sent a progress report to the state legislature on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Snowpack in the region is up significantly after last week's storm, grocery prices are climbing at their fastest pace since 2008, a company plans to produce carbon reduced chickens that will be partially raised on food waste diverted from grocery stores, and some food companies are making climate claims to consumers who are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy.
  • Southwest Colorado has the lowest snowpack in 22 years with about 30% of the normal snow for this time of year, Denver has gone 229 days without measurable snowfall, breaking a record that dates back to 1882, and Christmas tree growers are ready for a big season in 2021.
  • Eco-anxiety is a term that describes persistent worries about the future of life on Earth. As the UN's COP 26 meetings end in Glasgow, university students and teachers in Denver share their feelings about the climate crisis with H2O Radio... and how they handle them.
  • Agriculture was a bit of a contentious topic at the recent Glasgow Climate Summit, domestic production of fish could lower carbon footprint for fish consumption, hemp production shifts from CBD oil to the production of fiber for building materials, and Congress looks into the lack of competition in the meat packing industry.
  • How much does animal agriculture contribute to greenhouse gas emissions? Also, fertilizer prices may impact U.S. corn production, and a look at the link between obesity and USDA budgets.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced that the agency will invest $10 million in a new initiative to sample, measure and monitor soil carbon; solar panel arrays becoming more common in rural areas; October is pumpkin season.
  • National Farm Health and Safety Week, Hispanic Heritage month, resilient green chili peppers, and more!
  • A first-of-its-kind nuclear power plant is coming to Wyoming. That was the news announced last month by Governor Mark Gordon and the leaders of two major…
  • On mountaintop glaciers of Alaska, Washington and Oregon, billions of tiny black worms are tunneling upward to the barren, icy surface. What lures them, and how do they survive the frozen depths?