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10 Minutes, 8 Playwrights, 1 Contest

Nov 22, 2019
Daniel Rayzel / KSJD

What kind of story can you tell in 10 minutes? The Sunflower Troupe wants to know. 

Courtesy of Sara Illsley

Sara Illsley has been singing throughout her whole life, beginning in her childhood in Mexico, and continuing with her Latin jazz performances today. KSJD's Tom Yoder spoke with her about her music and what she will be bringing to her performance at the Sunflower Theatre on Saturday.

The play "Every Brilliant Thing" explores the serious topics of depression and mental illness with a healthy dose of humor and joy. KSJD's Tom Yoder spoke with Sarah Syverson, the actress at the center of the one-woman play, and director Mona Wood-Patterson of the production company Merely Players, about why they feel "Every Brilliant Thing" is an important story to tell right now.

Courtesy of May Erlewine

May Erlewine performs at the Moab Folk Festival this weekend — and has a new album in tow.


KSJD’s Mike McAllister talked with Erlewine about “Second Sight” and how the hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination set the foundation for one of the album’s songs.

Courtesy of Dale X Allen

Alt-country band Genuine Cowhide makes their debut performance at the Sunflower Theatre Saturday night.


Lead singer Dale X Allen says to expect music from the band’s latest album, “Red Dirt Colorado Girl,” alongside unreleased songs he recently wrote.